I had enough. Ever since I’m crazy about Kpop, my friends started teasing me and I even get hate mails saying “Why do you even love them when you don’t even understand what they’re talking about?” Well, let me ask you this then. Are you really pro at English? Do you even know half the lyrics’ meaning of the English songs you listen to? No. I bet you don’t. And who are you to judge me anyway? I didn’t judge you for listening to Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj or whoever, so why do you have to judge me for listening to EXO, SHINee or SNSD or whatever?! Furthermore, I’m Asian! Even though I don’t understand a thing they’re singing, can’t I support them in terms of ethnicity? Why do we even have to discriminate against other races’ music? We all have different tastes, so why judge us? Let us Kpop fans fangirl/boy in peace! Cause honestly, we had enough judgement from you people. Fuck off.

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